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Take a stand against cruelty to Scotland’s animals. Join us today.

An end to fox hunting, snaring and unjustified killing of our incredible wildlife. Better protection for pets traded online and bred in back rooms. Good lives for farm animals... If you want to help us end cruelty to Scotland’s animals, join us today. Joining gives these animals a voice and makes our investigations to expose cruelty and our campaigns and advocacy to end it possible.

Red fox in snow 

Member benefits

Join today and you’ll get the OneKind magazine three times a year and a small but perfectly formed welcome pack with some unique gifts that help you get the OneKind message out there.

OneKind Magazine

Make a real difference

Join OneKind and you’ll be part of a charity that makes a real difference to the lives of animals. Here’s some of our amazing achievements: ending the indiscriminate killing of Scotland’s seals, banning tail docking, making hunting with dogs illegal, and halting the Uist hedgehog cull. Join us today and we will keep on protecting animals.

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