Hunted, trapped, shot…Scotland’s foxes are in trouble. This Christmas, please help us protect them.

For many years, OneKind and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue have been working to save Scotland’s foxes in different ways. Now we’ve decided to come together in 2017 to fight back against the persecution of this inspiring animal that we’re proud to protect. We believe foxes are wildlife, not vermin. They should be respected, protected and enjoyed, not hunted, trapped and shot. Support our Save Scotland’s Foxes Christmas appeal, and your donation will go straight to OneKind and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue’s work to protect Scotland’s foxes. We hope you will give generously to this groundbreaking partnership this Christmas.

With your donation we will:

  1. Save and rehabilitate injured foxes and release them back into the wild.
  2. Campaign to end fox hunting and snaring.
  3. Work to change the public perception of foxes: Foxes are wildlife, not vermin.
Donations will be shared evenly between OneKind and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue. All donors will be invited to an exclusive event at Hessilhead next year to celebrate our work to save Scotland’s foxes.

Ending Snaring

Snares are wire noose traps that are used extensively across Scotland to catch foxes. Once caught, they can cause a slow and painful death. For over a decade, OneKind has been campaigning against snares, and Hessilhead has rehabilitated many foxes saved by animal lovers from the grips of these horrific traps. In 2017 we will work to end snaring for good whilst continuing to rescue and treat snaring victims.

  • £25 buys a tin of milk substitute powder for rearing cubs
  • £50 Pays for 100 booklets that explain to the public why foxes are wildlife not vermin
  • £100 Pays for an MSP to be lobbied, getting their support for fox protection
  • £200 pays for a fox to be rescued and receive Veterinary treatment at Hessilhead

Fox at Leadhills

This fox was saved from a snare in November and is now recovering at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue.

Hunting with dogs

800 foxes are killed by the hunts in Scotland every year. In November Hessilhead were handed the dead body of a fox that had been hunted with dogs. OneKind arranged for a post-mortem that revealed the poor animal had suffered a prolonged and painful death. Next year we have a huge opportunity to ban fox hunting, but need your support if we’re to give Scotland’s foxes a voice.

McDonald's Story

McDonald was found on a patch of grass near Glasgow City Centre. He was cold, his placenta still attached. McDonald’s mother must have been disturbed while giving birth.

McDonald the fox

It was amazing that the cub was found in time to save his life. McDonald was given round the clock care at Hessilhead, having two hourly feeds when he was very small. Although we tried not to tame McDonald, he learnt to trust people and associates people with kindness. This means that McDonald cannot be released.
He lives at Hessilhead with another fox. He is very friendly and playful, and enjoys being an ambassador for foxes.

How you can help save Scotland’s Foxes

OneKind and Hessilhead have worked together on a range of issues for a number of years. This winter we come together once more to fight back against the persecution of this inspiring animal.

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