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New legislation should mean a real foxhunting ban!

We are delighted to share with you that the Scottish Government has brought forward a Bill that should mean a real foxhunting ban! The Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Billwill replace the current legislation, which has allowed fox hunting to continue under the guise of 'pest control'. When the current fox hunting legislation was introduced in 2002, we didn’t think we would still be campaigning fighting for a real ban for the next 20 years. I’m sure you didn’t either. 

Effectively ending hunting with a pack of hounds

We are thrilled that the Government has brought forward legislation that should truly ban the 'sport' of foxhunting and we want to thank you for helping us to achieve this huge success. This new Bill will impose a limit of two dogs for any excepted activities, which should effectively end hunting with a pack of hounds.

The Bill will also introduce a ban on trail hunting, In England there is suspicion that trail hunting is being used as a cover story to continue fox hunting. So, we are pleased to see the Scottish Government taking pre-emptive action to prevent this happening in Scotland 


But our work is not over. There is still more to do

There are some details that we do not support in the Bill, so rest assured that we will be working hard to try and change these. However, this recent decision shows that we can effect change. This is just another example of how OneKind supporters’ compassion for animals and unwavering dedication can work towards a future to create a Scotland free from animal cruelty 


Without your commitment and ongoing support, we would not have reached this milestone for foxes, so thank you. However, there is still much work to do. As the Bill progresses, we must make sure the main provisions are supported and the weaknesses are amended. To do that, we need your help. Please consider making a donation towards our campaign and investigation work.


On behalf of the whole OneKind team, thank you again for everything you do to help protect animals, and for your support throughout this campaign. I hope you feel proud that together, we are close to achieving another win for animals. 

By donating towards our work, you will help:

  • Raise awareness of the persecution our wildlife receives and help to change mindsets through public education and campaign materials.
  • Demonstrate that the public does not support cruelty towards foxes, or other animals in the name of "fun".
  • Help us to continue working on addressing and amending the weaknesses within the Bill.


Thank you for your gift. It’s only with your support that we can raise awareness and create long term change, helping to end the persecution of our wild animals.


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