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Urgent – Crowdfunder to pay for a new campaign on grouse shooting

We’re looking to raise £10,000 to fund a new campaign against driven grouse shooting in Scotland. There are some big opportunities for change over the next couple of years, but the hunting lobby will oppose it every step of the way. Help us expose, challenge and end the cruelty on the moors and chip in what ever you can to the campaign fund.

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Between 15 and 19% of Scotland is managed for shooting grouse. 

Think about that for the moment. Almost one in five hectares in Scotland is managed not for the nation, for people or for wildlife, but to produce as many red grouse as possible. These birds are then shot in their thousands for fun. 

We’re told to be grateful for it. That the brutal management of these moors is in our economic interest or even that it’s ‘conservation’. Foxes, stoats, weasels, magpies, mountain hares, and crows are eradicated. Trapped and shot in enormous numbers. Hen harriers, golden eagles, goshawks, buzzards, illegally killed and yet it seems no one is ever caught, or if they are charges are mysteriously dropped. 

It doesn’t have to be like this. Scotland doesn’t have to be one big shooting estate. 

Imagine if the wildlife was left in peace. If the burning of the moors stopped and forests were allowed to grow again. If this land was there for the people and wildlife of Scotland, rather than dedicated to bloodsports.

Things can change, but only if you and everyone else who cares demands it.

There are big opportunities afoot. The Scottish Government has set up an inquiry into grouse moors. More land reform is on its way. Subsidies that currently line the pockets of the shooting estates will be reviewed...

Why do we need funds?

If we’re going to take these opportunities, overcome the hunting lobby and secure real change, we need you. We need a loud voice and to show the breadth of society is behind change. We need to put forward indisputable arguments, solid evidence, and effective solutions. We need to reach every MSP and decision-maker again and again.  To do this, we need funds, and the more we have, the more we’re able to do.

Our target of £10,000 would allow us to launch a new campaign for radical change on grouse moors. It would mean we could print and distribute campaign literature, and get it all over social media and the media. It would also allow us to investigate what’s actually happening in the field, exposing the grim reality of Scotland’s grouse moors to the public and politicians.

Every pound means we can do more.

If you share our vision of a compassionate Scotland where wildlife lives in peace, be part of the change. We are looking to crowdfund £10,000 to pay for a new campaign that will call for radical change in how the Scottish Government supports grouse moors. We can’t give away too much right now, but we can say that your donation will go straight to the campaign and will be invaluable. As a donor, we’ll also keep you updated on what you are helping us achieve and listen to your feedback on what you want to see. 

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