Ending cruelty to Scotland's animals

Scotland's foxes need YOU this Christmas. 

Hi, I’m McDonald and I wanted to let you know that you can help foxes in Scotland. In case you don't know me, that's me in the picture above. Hessilhead rescue and rehabilitate up to 60 fox casualties a year, foxes like me. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have survived. Thanks to kind supporters, and Hessilhead, I was saved. Foxes arrive frightened and injured through a variety of ways - and with Hessilhead’s small team and troupe of volunteers, cubs are weaned, hand reared and prepared for release. Adult foxes, often victims of road traffic accidents or snares, receive the treatment and care they need before being released back into the wild. To give them the best chance after release, it’s very important that foxes do not trust humans, who may well try to harm them.

To achieve this, the staff and volunteers at Hessilhead must try to ensure they don’t become attached or tamed while being cared for; which is difficult. When the cubs are old enough to be moved outside, the team must try to avoid interaction, but instead try to instil a level of distrust of humans, a real challenge to the staff and volunteers as their natural instincts are to show love and affection. Despite their best efforts to prepare me for release, to give me the best chance of survival, I warmed to them so much and associate people with care and kindness, that Hessilhead is my forever home. Although I can’t be released, I live outside and have a happy life but would love for the other foxes at Hessilhead rescue to go back to the wild.

While most people celebrate the festive season, Boxing Day is the worst day of the year for foxes, as I’m sure you already know. The terror felt while being hunted must be horrific. Chased to the point of exhaustion and filled with fear with it ending only through a long and painful death is very hard to imagine. I know you agree that nothing can justify killing any animal in the name of fun or sport. That’s why I’m asking for your help this Christmas. Our friends at OneKind continue to fight hard for Scotland’s foxes and are currently awaiting a response from the Scottish Government about what it intends to do to improve the law that covers fox hunting. I’m so grateful that they are fighting hard to stop fox persecution in Scotland and raise awareness that we are not vermin. They are really changing public perception.

However, you and I know that those who oppose change are powerful and OneKind must be ready to act should the outcome fall short of their expectations. They will not stop until the Scottish Government impose a real fox hunting ban, but really need your support to help achieve that. OneKind have already had some success, but the laws must be tightened to protect and safeguard foxes just like me from barbaric torture and suffering. The more support they have, the harder they can fight. I know you care about Scotland’s foxes. For many years, OneKind and Hessilhead have been collaborating and fighting hard; in different ways but with the same goal of saving Scotland’s foxes. In 2016, you helped raise £9,000 which has gone straight to fighting for the rights of foxes, through OneKind’s campaigning and the treatment and care of injured foxes at Hessilhead – both of whom rely on the kindness of supporters like you. 

Will you donate to our Christmas appeal, so we can stand together for Scotland's foxes?

Thank you,


Donations will be shared between OneKind and Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue.

With your support, OneKind and Hessilhead aim to:

• Save and rehabilitate injured foxes and release them back into the wild
• Continue to change the public perception of foxes; they are wildlife not vermin
• Be ready to react to the Scottish Government’s announcement on how it will improve the law on fox hunting to demand the best for Scotland’s foxes
• Keep campaigning to end persecution of foxes, FOR GOOD



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