Ending cruelty to Scotland's animals

Their welfare matters.

For the 2021 elections to the Scottish Parliament, OneKind is calling on all parties and candidates to prioritise animal welfare in the next session.

To highlight the challenges currently facing Scotland’s animals, we’re hosting a series of webinars to raise public awareness in the run up to the elections. Over the month of April, we’ll be joined by various other organisations as we discuss the main welfare issues set out in our 2021 manifesto, concerning companion, farmed, wild and laboratory animal welfare in Scotland.

Our webinars will take place via zoom, and will feature a 15 minute session at the end to answer audience questions. All webinars are free to attend, as we want to raise as much awareness as possible for Scotland's animals at such a crucial time for them. But we can't continue to campaign for their welfare without your support. You have been the reason why we managed to achieve so much last year, changing the lives of thousands of animals for the better. Please help us to continue with our work by donating today. Each donation will allow us to keep animal welfare on the political agenda and demand more for Scotland’s animals.

Thank you so much,

Bob & the OneKind team


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